Qualifications Register

The Qualifications Register is not an Apprenticeship Application. To receive an Apprenticeship Application by mail, please call 641-942-7112.

PLEASE READ the following very carefully:

Step 1 – Each person must check-in by phone, mail, e-mail or in person at least once every 30 days to remain on the referral list. THE COMPLETE REFERRAL RULES AND PROCEDURES ON THIS PAGE.

Step 2 – After reading the Referral Rules and Procedures, please scroll to the bottom of this page to complete the Qualifications Register.

Referral Hall Rules & Procedures
Effective November 1, 2013

Effective July 1, 2000, IUOE Local 234 has been designated by the National Labor Relations Board as a referral hall for the purpose of securing employment for Operating Engineers in the State of Iowa and to that extent Local 234 will maintain an Out-of-Work List and a Qualifications Register which shall provide information as to a persons experience, qualifications and certifications, if any. It is further understood that an employer is free to hire any person of its choice and likewise any person may independently seek his or her own employment. These procedures have been adopted consistent with and in compliance with the National Labor Relations Act of 1947, as amended, 29 U.S.C. 151 et. seq., and consistent with past practice.

  1. Each person must check in (by phone, in-person, mail, email) at least once every 30 days. On the 31st day their name shall be removed from the list. Each person on the list must be ready, willing and able to go to work.
  2. It is the Operators responsibility to provide the name of their last employer and their own current telephone number(s). Each person is also responsible for honestly providing information regarding their separation from their last employer (i.e. laid off, drug-up, ran- off, etc).
  3. All dispatches, attempted dispatches, refusals, drag-ups, run-offs, etc will be documented by the Local in each Operators permanent record. Refusals and drag-ups may affect an Operators right to draw unemployment and/or Health & Welfare self-pays.
  4. If an Employer requires drug tests (pre-employment, random, or at any other time), each person be able to pass. If an Operator does not pass based on information provided to the Local by the Employer, the following shall apply (the Operator has the right to challenge the validity of this information by filing a Notice of Appeal with the Local within 5 business days, and the Operator thereby waives confidentiality rights therefrom):
    • 1st offense off Referral Register until proof of a clean drug screen** is provided to the Business Manager.
    • 2nd offense off Referral Register for 30 days and until a clean drug screen** is provided to the Business Manager after the 30 day period, which commences from the date of the test.
    • 3rd offense off Referral Register for 60 days and until a clean drug screen** is provided to the Business Manager after the 60 day period, which commences from the date of the test.
    • 4th offense off Referral Register for 6 months and until a clean drug screen** is provided to the Business Manager after the 6 month period, which commences from the date of the test.
    • 5th offense Charges will be filed, possible expulsion
      ** Drug screen must be performed by a drug testing facility or physicians office. No home testing kits will be allowed. Drug screen shall be paid 100% by the Operator, not reimbursable by the Union and/or the Local 234 Health & Welfare Fund, unless under appeal it is proven the original test was inaccurate. Being restricted from the Referral Register may also affect the Operators right to draw unemployment and/or Health & Welfare self-pays.
  5. It is the Operators responsibility to keep their qualifications and/or certifications updated with the Union Hall and to accurately complete a Qualification Register. Furthermore, such Operator may be requested to perform an evaluation of their qualifications at the Training Program.
  6. If an Operator is dispatched by the Union to an Employer for a short-term job, which is strictly defined as one work week or less, their name shall not be removed from the Referral Register.
  7. When an Employer calls IUOE Local 234 for referrals, the Employer may:
    1. hire any person it wants
    2. ask for several names of qualified persons from which to choose
    3. ask the union for its recommendations
  8. IUOE Local 234 will do its best to seek employment for all persons on the Out-of-Work List. Subject to the Employers discretion, the Local shall seek but cannot enforce employment for those highly qualified that have been on the Out-of-Work List the longest period of time and who have complied with the requirements of the of the Out-of-Work List and Qualifications Register. By law, the final decisions rest with the Employer.
  9. None of these Hiring Hall Rules and Procedures are meant to be interpreted as circumventing or avoiding the mandates of the International Union of Operating Engineers Constitution.



  • Please Read

    The following information will be used for referrals for work. Mark only the types of work you can do and equipment that you can operate proficiently enough to be referred on. DO NOT MISREPRESENT YOURSELF! It is YOUR responsibility to keep the office up to date on the following information.
    • Type of Work

    • Licenses/Certifications/Qualifications

    • Equipment and Years of Experience

    • Rough or Finish?
    • Rough or Finish?
    • Please enter any other equipment types not available on this list - one per line (please include years of experience as well)
    want my address, phone number, and/or social security number released to any person for any purpose other than for employment referrals.
  • To sign, please use your mouse if using a computer, or your finger if using a tablet or phone.