September 2021 Newsletter
If you build it…they will come. Read about upcoming work around the state.

March 2021 Newsletter
Read about the upcoming workload and the progress being made at the Apprenticeship and Training site.

September 2020 Newsletter
Read about the upcoming workload for Local 234 and how COVID-19 and the derecho have impacted it.

March Newsletter 2020
Read about the upcoming workload for Local 234 and how it looks to be another busy year.

September 2019 Newsletter
Read about the devastation suffered at the Local 234 Apprenticeship and Training site due to a tornado.  The workload for Local 234 this season has been great and we are excited to announce that we have finally moved into Local 234’s new building.

March 2019 Newsletter
The upcoming workload for Local 234 is looking to be very busy again once the weather decides to cooperate.  Read about the nominations and elections of officers for Local 234; as well as updates on Local 234’s new building.

September 2018 Newsletter
Read about one of the busiest seasons Local 234 has seen in a long time.  Also, read updates on how Local 234’s new building is progressing.

March 2018 Newsletter
Read about the upcoming work load around the state.

March 2017 Newsletter
Learn how recent legislative bills are affecting Union Members and their bargaining power.  Also read about the upcoming construction work load.

September 2016 Newsletter
Read about the abundance of work that has continued to keep Local 234 Members busy.

March 2016 Newsletter

Read about the busy upcoming construction season. Nominations and Election Notice..

September 2015 Newsletter
The latest info regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. Information regarding the new Third Party Administrator for the Local 234 Health & Welfare Fund.

March 2015 Newsletter
Get information about the upcoming work season. Learn to how show support for the Dakota Access Pipeliine and Clean Line Transmission Line projects. Read about Stationary contract negotiations.

September 2014 Newsletter
The H&P workload is up. Read about what’s happening now, and what’s planned for future projects.

March 2014 Newsletter
Reports from around the State regarding upcoming work.


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